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Jeremy believes education is the foundational cornerstone for a successful life. In order for our children to excel, we must start early and allocate necessary resources that will ensure academic success in their future. Just as learning starts at birth, so too should our efforts in educating our children. From birth to four years of age is an extremely critical time in the development of children. We need to encourage local school systems to begin investing in Pre-K development in order to better prepare our children for a 21st century learning environment. As state senator, Jeremy will work to guarantee that quality education investments begin at birth, and he will assist local efforts to provide our children the opportunity to realize their potential and dreams from the earliest possible age.

Having attended and graduated from public schools for his own education (Elementary, High School, College & Law School), public education is very important to Jeremy. He understands the importance of educational access for every child, no matter their financial situation or location. Jeremy will continue to fight to ensure that every student has access to a quality school and educational opportunities.

Jeremy will also work to ensure that our high schools offer not only college-bound curriculum, but strong technical skills classes as well for those students who do not wish to attend a university after graduating high school. He will fight for our universities being fully-funded in order to keep our best and brightest students in Louisiana, and will work to bring stakeholders together in order to maximize the opportunities for everyone in this state.

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Jeremy will work to address Louisiana’s outdated infrastructure, while taking a common-sense approach to how he tackles them. Fixing and improving our roads, bridges, internet access, drainage, and more will improve the quality of life for all Louisianans. 

Jeremy has a long history of coalition building by bringing people together from a multitude of different backgrounds and walks of life in order to complete common objectives. That’s exactly how he co-authored legislation that secured Louisiana’s largest infrastructure investment in thirty-years, without raising new taxes on our citizens. This investment will improve roads, bridges, ports, and water and sewer systems across the state, as well as finance mega projects such as the Hwy 415/LA 1 Connector Project and the source funding for the New Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. He also helped secure over $37.3 million in high-speed internet infrastructure investments for over 14,700 projects in Assumption, East Feliciana, Iberville, Pointe Coupee, St. Martin, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana parishes.

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Economic Development

As a former board member of the Pointe Coupee Chamber of Commerce, an owner of a small business, and an Attorney who has represented hundreds of businesses in Louisiana, Jeremy has a firm grasp of the complex issues faced in today’s business market. He strongly believes that District 18 has most of the necessary components to become a regional economic engine. Jeremy will work tirelessly to synergize the stakeholders to continue working together toward common goals to improve our area.

We are surrounded on all sides by large industries: we have a port system that gives us access to the Mississippi River, Atchafalaya River, Red River, Intracoastal Canal and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as one of the largest rail yards in United States and a multitude of natural resources such as oil, gas, lakes and rich fertile earth to cultivate various agricultural crops. Yet, we struggle to bring all of the cumulative parts together to move us forward regionally. As your representative, Jeremy will work to rectify this issue. Jeremy believes that the number one priority for economic growth in District 18 is the construction of a new bridge over the Mississippi River as well as the expansion and construction of the connecting roads that goes to it. Jeremy will work with other elected officials and stakeholders to obtain funding in order to begin construction. It will be no small task, but our area cannot afford to put this off any longer. This new bridge would attract additional industries, create new jobs, assist in growing our tax base organically and would put an end to the billions of dollars in losses our local companies lose each year while their employees sit in bumper-to-bumper gridlock.

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Public Safety

Jeremy will fight to improve and strengthen public safety across Louisiana. As a father of three young children, Jeremy knows the importance of keeping our communities safe from crime. He is focused on building an environment for Louisiana where all our children can feel safe and thrive.

As a former prosecutor, Jeremy knows safety starts with making sure law enforcement has the resources they need to do their jobs and protect our communities. Our first line of defense in preventing crime and solving it is having law enforcement that is equipped with everything they need to get the job done. Jeremy will be a strong advocate for families and law enforcement in the fight against crime.






Supporting Small Businesses

Passed legislation that allowed local breweries and alcohol manufacturers to host events at their businesses and provided certain protections for customers to ensure a safe environment. 

Consumer Protections

Passed legislation that requires payment-processing companies to return payments if those funds cannot be delivered to the intended recipient.

Local Infrastructure Funding

Passed legislation to increase the maximum number of connections that a water system may serve to qualify for the exemption from local match requirements for capital outlay projects and expands eligibility for the exemption to include sewer projects and natural gas utility service projects.

Water Bills

Passed legislation to amend the Louisiana Constitution to allow local governments to waive charges for water if the charges are the result of water lost due to damage to the water delivery infrastructure and that damage is not the result of any act or failure to act by the customer.

Rural Water Systems

Passed legislation to make funding water infrastructure projects easiest to fund by removing certain limitations on the exemption from local match requirements for certain rural water system projects.

Bridge over the Mississippi River
  • Co-authored legislation that secured Louisiana’s largest infrastructure investment in thirty years, without raising new taxes on our citizens. This investment will improve roads, bridges, ports, and water and sewer systems across the state, as well as finance mega projects such as the Hwy 415/LA 1 Connector Project and the source funding for the New Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge.
  • Helped secure more than $300 million for a new Mississippi River Bridge – including funding to upgrade LA 1 and LA 30, which will finally help the project move forward, reduce traffic and provide a needed boost to the local economy – without raising taxes.
Water Sector Commission

Fought for a $750 million investment in the Water Sector Commission. 

Teachers’ Retirement

Advocated for having a cost of living adjustment to the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana.

School Board Purchasing

Passed legislation to allow school boards to purchase educational materials through a group purchasing organization if the materials, equipment, or supplies are not under state contract or on the state bid list.

Education Staff Pay Raises

Advocated for increased a $2,300 pay raise for K-12 teachers and a $1,550  raise for support staff in an effort to recruit and retain the best teachers for our students

Education Funding

Fought for increased investments in Early Childhood Education and Higher Education. | PO Box 140, New Roads, LA 70760

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